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Handle Big Data before it is too late

Big data is complex. It’s complex because of the variety of data that it encompasses – from structured data, such as transactions we make or measurements we calculate and store, to unstructured data such as text conversations, multimedia presentations and video streams. Big data is complex because of the volume of information we are creating. These days Enterprises speak in terms of petabytes.

Big data causes application time-outs, slow response times, and increased ownership costs. But harnessing large amounts of unstructured information is only half the problem. To stay competitive, you still need to use the full potential of your data. Those who fail to do this risk making important business decisions using incomplete information, miss multiple opportunities, and lose their competitive advantages.

Big Data offerings from 3S

Our R&D Engineers have extensive experience in handling NoSQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Couchbase, Riak, Amazon Dynamo, Google BigTable, and several other big data tools.



DatabaseWhether your challenges are with big data, real-time analytics, or extreme transaction processing, our experts can help you implement faster database that can handle the load/volume efficiently and cost effectively.
AnalysisEighty percent of the world’s data is unstructured, and most businesses don’t even attempt to use this data to their advantage. Imagine if you had a way to analyze that data? 3S can bring their Hadoop expertise to your environment to solve this problem.
VisualizationA picture is worth a thousand words, but creating cool infographics can be time-consuming. We, at 3S have handled several man years of experience building visualization tools like Visualize me, Google Developers, iCharts, Jquery Visualize, jqPlot and Google Charts.
ScalabilityBig Data is just going to keep getting bigger, and more organizations are going to be looking to find out more about what we do. Our experts cn help you develop scalable methods for storing and searching Big Data using simple parallel processing and fully shared storage. We’ve implemented world class solutions using Hadoop, Cassandra, Windows Azure HDInsight etc.
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